Despite big budgets and high viewership on TV, measurement of brand KPIs is still evolving.  The challenge with existing brand lift methods is that they often rely on opportunity-to-see (OTS), which is a survey based method for determining the likelihood that someone saw a particular ad, with no evidence that they actually saw it.  To push the industry forward on measurement, the media trials team partnered with Roku to use their ACR (automatic content recognition) to identify the exact programs and ads viewers have used and when they viewed them.

The new study “Under the Hood of Over-the-Top Measurement,” revealed video ads on the OTT platform are 1.6X more effective per exposure at driving purchase intent than ads on broadcast and cable television.

Other key findings:

  • OTT Makes Brands Look Innovative:  Moving impressions to OTT from linear TV provides a 19 percent increase per exposure in perception that brand is innovative
  • OTT Helps Convey the Brand’s Story: OTT offers a 32 percent increase per exposure in perception that brand has a unique story to tell
  • Better Together: The greatest impact on overall brand favorability came from the combination of linear TV and OTT
  • OTT Ads Require Less Exposure Than Linear TV: To drive comparable brand lift, advertisers need 10 linear TV exposures, 7 OTT exposures, or 6.5 exposures on OTT and linear TV together


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