We provide access to preferred pricing and premium inventory to drive maximum value to our clients.

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MAGNA aggregates spend across all IPG agencies to drive beneficial rates and maximum value for our clients. With $37 billion of clout in the global market, and $17 billion in the US, it ensures that we have the power to control not just the price but also the quality of our clients’ investments.

Our overall investment approach and structure has been designed to provide the best of both worlds for our clients: the benefit of aggregate scale and negotiation while protecting each individual client’s needs. We ensure we get the media that delivers on clients’ specific business requirements, at the best possible price.

MAGNA Sports & Live Events is our dedicated sports investment division that manages US media spend on behalf of our clients across all sports and entertainment outlets.

This group was established to ensure that marketers are taking full advantage of the opportunities present in the marketplace including:

  • First-look opportunities
  • Customized multi-year deals
  • Tent-pole events
  • Broader partnership opportunities