The Hispanic audience is currently underserved by media and advertising; when polled, 61% of Hispanics say Total Market Ads fail to resonate with them.  In search of solutions, MAGNA, IPG Media Lab, and NBCUniversal collaborated to investigate the impact of cultural specificity on Hispanic audiences.  We tested both Total Market Ads, intended for a broad audience, and CultureFirst Ads, tailored to a cultural identity, to find that CultureFirst Ads establish an emotional connection and increase conversions.

With 74% of Hispanics reporting that culture impacts who they are today (as opposed to only 42% of non-Hispanics), culture is integral to the Hispanic identity and elicits a strong emotional response.  Culturally specific and accurate cues in advertising deliver a positive brand perception, which in turn influences purchase intent and inspires brand loyalty.

CultureFirst advertising is now a proven way to access an audience often neglected by Total Market campaigns.